Fabio Facchinetti , Pietro Cavalli , Andrew J. Copp , Rosario D’Anna , Eleni Kandaraki , Nicholas D. E. Greene , Vittorio Unfer & for The Experts Group on Inositol in Basic and Clinical Research


Introduction: Obstetric history and maternal body composition and lifestyle may be associated with serious complications both for the mother, such as
gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), and for the fetus, including congenital malformations such as neural tube defects (NTDs). Areas covered: In view of the recent knowledge, changes in nutritional and physical activity habits ameliorate glycemic control during pregnancy and in turn improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes. Recently, a series of small clinical and experimental studies indicated that supplemenation with inositols, a family of insulin sensitizers, was associated with beneficial impact for both GDM and NTDs.
Expert opinion: Herein, we discuss the most significant scientific evidence supporting myo-inositol administration as a prophylaxis for the above-mentioned conditions.