The next territorial congress of ISDSP, The International Society of Dietary Supplements and Phytotherapy, will take place on March 4th in Cagliari, Italy.
Prof. Vittorio Unfer, one of the founding members of the EGOI community, will attend the event with a Lectio Magistralis named “Inositols: New therapeutic Horizons”.

Unfer will discuss the new-found evidence on the use of D-chiro inositol in clinical practice, focusing on the aromatase-modulator activity of this promising molecule.
The supplementation of Myo-inositol to counter the adverse effects of its peripheric depletion caused by pharmaceutical treatments such as antiepileptics and mood stabilizers will be another interesting topic of the presentation.
The last part of Unfer’s speech will be dedicated to the presentation of EGOI and the position paper.