Verón, Gustavo Luis, Paladea, Rocío, Bello, Ricardo, Manjon, Ania Antonella1, Monti, Juan Ignacio and Vazquez-Levin, Mónica Hebe

Despite great advances in standardization of bovine sperm cryopreservation, frozen-thawed sperm quality is commonly suboptimal. Semen supplementation with various compounds has been addressed to overcome the negative impact of cryopreservation upon sperm quality. While a mild enhancement in human semen parameters was reported after Myo-inositol (MI) supplementation, information is still scarce. This work aimed to evaluate the impact of MI supplementation (2mg/mL) upon sperm quality in frozen-thawed bovine sperm from 9 bulls (breeds: 5 dairy, 4 beef). Evaluations included assessment of total/progressively motile sperm and kinematic parameters (Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis), sperm vitality, membrane osmotic competence, acrosomal status, chromatin compaction and DNA fragmentation. As a result, an increase (P<0.05) in sperm kinematic parameters (VSL, VCL, VAP, LIN, STR, ALH, BCF, WOB and MAD) was found in sperm suspensions after MI supplementation, although total or progressive motility did not significantly increase. Based on the MI Response Index, 3/9 bulls showed >60% improvement in progressive motility, and 6/9>30% improvement. MI supplementation did not alter sperm vitality, membrane osmotic competence, acrosome status, chromatin compaction and DNA fragmentation. In summary, MI supplementation of frozen-thawed bovine spermatozoa led to a significant improvement in flagellum movement, as evidenced by the increase in sperm kinematics values.