Laganà AS, Myers SH, Forte G, Naem A, Krentel H, Allahqoli L, Alkatout I, Unfer V

Introduction: This Expert Opinion covers recent updates in the use of Inositol in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and type II diabetes and gives support to researchers and clinicians.

Areas covered: This article discusses the role of Myo-Inositol (MI) and D-Chiro-Inositol (DCI) in physiological function, the use of MI in PCOS, the risks of using DCI in reproductive conditions, the 40:1 combination of MI/DCI in PCOS. Furthermore, we discuss the issues of Insulin resistance and how α-lactalbumin may increase the intestinal bioavailability of MI. The paper then transitions to talk about the use of inositols in diabetes, including type II diabetes, GDM, and double diabetes. Literature searches were performed with the use of PubMed, Google Scholar, and Web of Science between July-October 2023.

Expert opinion: Inositol therapy has grown in the clinical field of PCOS, with it demonstrating an efficacy like that of metformin. The use of α-lactalbumin has further supported the use of MI, as issues with intestinal bioavailability have been largely overcome. In contrast, the effect of inositol treatment on the different PCOS phenotypes remains an outstanding question. The use of inositols in type II diabetes requires further study despite promising analogous data from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.