Article 1. Name and Headquarters. Applicable law
1.1. The Experts Group on Inositol in Basic and Clinical Research (hereinafter “EGOI”) is hereby established.

1.2. EGOI is headquartered in Rome, Italy.

1.3. The relationship between EGOI and its members shall be governed exclusively by law and by these Articles of Association.

Article 2. Objectives
2.1. EGOI brings together several international researchers and opinion leaders, skilled in the field of inositol physiology and therapy, with the aim to discuss and share scientific content relating to their own expertise in the field.
The aforesaid objectives shall be implemented by:
(a) promoting and disseminating studies and knowledge about all matters linked to the clinical use of inositols in medicine, in order to obtain a higher level of general health, using the appropriate means.
(b) drafting Guidelines and Standards for a tailored use of inositol-based supplements in order to promote a higher level of general health.
(c) fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between those involved in the use of inositol in medicine and in healthcare for the individual.

2.2. The aforesaid objectives may be met in the following ways:
a) by organizing an EGOI Meeting at least every two years (circumstances permitting) in different geographical countries, where EGOI members operate;
b) by creating and supporting study groups working on topics of special interest;
c) by encouraging and facilitating the circulation of knowledge and information in scientific publications, by means of a dedicated website;
d) by appointing work groups to coordinate clinical trials conducted in various facilities;
e) by promoting the acknowledgment of internationally accepted definitions, terminology, and methodologies;

Article 3. Duration, official language, and communications addressed to members
3.1. EGOI shall be of unlimited duration.

3.2. EGOI official language is English. However, a lack of knowledge of the English language shall not compromise one’s possibility of becoming a member of the society.

Article 4. Membership
4.1. Membership of EGOI is open to all scientific personalities who adhere to the mission and objectives of the group.

4.2. Involvement in EGOI is possible in the following ways:
(a) researchers, practitioners, and opinion leaders should have at least 3 original papers about inositol physiology and/or therapy that have been published in the last five years in scientific journals with impact factor;
(b) recommendation by at least two senior EGOI members is mandatory for prospective members;
(c) to maintain active membership yearly contributions (such as book chapters, reviews, and original papers on inositol) are required;
(d) members are highly encouraged to provide suggestions, concerns, and issues on inositol supplementation;
(e) in any case, each membership request will require approval from an executive board.

Article 5. EGOI structure
The Society is composed of:

• Co-founders: Prof. Vittorio Unfer and Prof. Fabio Facchinetti.

• Senior EGOI members
• EGOI members

Member and Senior Member grades recognize those who have achieved professional proficiency, as demonstrated by degrees received and/or work experience.
Senior EGOI members should have published at least 5 original papers on the topic.

• Secretariat: Miss Valentina Gattaino ( is in charge of coordinating the activities of the group.