This section collects the most significant scientific contents of EGOI members concerning the use of inositols alone or in association, both in basic research and for clinical application.
In particular, this collection includes the most recent original articles, clinical trials, reviews and meta-analyzes on the use of inositols especially in the gynecological, reproductive, metabolic, endocrine, and neurological fields.
Manuscripts inserted deal with important issues such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, gestational diabetes with its complications, neurological defects for the unborn children linked to the nutritional deficiencies of mothers.

When one size does not fit all: Reconsidering PCOS etiology, diagnosis, clinical subgroups, and subgroup-specific treatments

Authors: V. Unfer, E. Kandaraki, L. Pkhaladze, S. Roseff, M.H. Vazquez-Levin, A.S. Laganà, C. Shiao-Yng, M.I.M. Yap-Garcia, N.D.E. Greene, C.O. Soulage, A. Bevilacqua, S. Benvenga, D. Barbaro, B. Pintaudi, A. Wdowiak, C. Aragona, Z. Kamenov, M. Appetecchia, G. Porcaro, I. Hernandez Marin, F. Facchinetti, T. Chiu, O. Pustotina, O. Papalou, M. Nordio, T. Cantelmi, P. Cavalli, I. Vucenik, R. D'Anna, V.R. Unfer, S. Dinicola, S. Salehpour, A. Stringaro, M. Montaninno Oliva, M. Tugushev, N. Prapas, M. Bizzarri, M.S.B. Espinola, C. Di Lorenzo, A.C. Ozay, J. Nestler,